Agniya Borto

Poetess and Children’s Writer

Agniya Borto  (Poetess and Children’s Writer)
Agniya Borto  (Poetess and Children’s Writer)
Agniya Borto  (Poetess and Children’s Writer)

Agniya Lvovna Barto (1907-1981) was a Soviet Jewish poet and children's writer. Her real name at birth was Getel Leybovna Volova. She had received an amazing education, spoken several foreign languages, as well as studied dance and music. In addition, she graduated from a Ballet school. She started writing at age 10 and was inspired by Anna Akhmatova. However, her adult writing was not only influenced by the poems of Anna Akhmatova, but also by a powerful language of Vladimir Mayakovski. Her first marriage was with an Italian-Russian Electrical Engineer and poet Pavel Barto which ended before she reached 30 as she fell in love with an energy scientist Andrew Sheglyaev. After publishing a book of poetic miniatures for toddlers Toys (1936), she suddenly became one of the most popular children’s author.

Did You Know?

Agniya’s dedicated work was rewarded by Hans Christian Andersen Award, Stalin and Lenin Prizes. In 1985, the crater on Venus was named after her. In 1968, a tiny planet: 2279 was also named in Barto’s honor.

Other interesting facts:

During her graduation ceremony from the Ballet academy, Agniya’s poetry skills were noticed by the Minister of Education, Anatoly Lunacharsky, who blasted her writing career instead of ballerina. According to the rumours, even though Agniya’s started writing about Love and Revolution, Lunacharsky predicted that she would be a famous children poet.

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