Alena Arzamasskaya

Heroine and Policical Leader

Alena Arzamasskaya (Heroine and Policical Leader)

Alena Arzamaskaya was an Erzyan (one of the largest indigenous people of Russia) female ataman during the Peasant Revolt in Russia under the leadership of Stepan Razin. A peasant by birth, Alena was originally from the Vyezdnaya sloboda of Arzamas. In addition, she was an elderly nun before becoming an ataman. In 1670, the army under her leadership was attacked by Tsar’s army and destroyed, and Alena was captured. After sever tortures, she was burned at the stake.

Did You Know?

She became a widow at a young age, and decided to become a nun. She educated herself and learned medicine during that time.

Other interesting facts:

She is compared to French Jeanne d'Arc and her prototype has been portrayed in literature.