Alexandra Feodorovna

Wife of Nicholas II of Russia

Alexandra Feodorovna  (Wife of Nicholas II of Russia)

Alix of Hesse and by Rhine (1872-1918) later was renamed Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova was spouse of Nicholas II the last Emperor of Russia. Therefore, Alexandra was an Empress consort of Russia. She was a granddaughter of the Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Therefore, upon being baptised by Russian Orthodox Church she was given the name Alexandra Feodorovna. She favoured to marry Nicholas II instead of a proposal from Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence. Their marriage was happy, serene, and proper in public, but also full of passion and love. Even though, she was the Empress of Russia, she was heartily disliked among people. Alexandra gave birth to 4 daughters, which due to Pauline Laws could not succeed to the Russian throne. Therefore, in 1904, she gave a birth to the long-awaited heir, Alexei Nikolaevich. Unofrtunately, Alexei was born with hemophilia, an incurable bleeding disease. Early in the morning of July 17, 1918 both the tsar and tsarina along with their entire family, including the gravely ill Alexei and several family servants were first imprisoned and later executed by firing squad and bayonets in the basement of the Ipatiev House by Russian communist revolutionaries.

Did You Know?

Alexandra is best remembered as the last Tsarina of Russia. She was one of the most famous royal carriers of the haemophilia disease and supporter of the autocratic control over the country. Her unusual friendship with Grigori Rasputin was also an important factor in her life.

Other interesting facts:

Alexandra Feodorovna was a style fashion icon. She had clothes from Paris, in most exquisite Fashion Houses of Moscow and Paris. She loved her pearls and had a servant going with her everywhere to look after and make sure the pearls stay shiny.