Alfia Avzalova

Tatar Singer

Alfia Avzalova  (Tatar Singer)

Alfia Avzalova was born on 15 January 1933, in the Republic of Tatarstan. Unfortunately, she lost her parents at an early age, therefore she was brought up by her aunt. When Alfia turned 19 years old, she started singing in a folklore ensemble. Due to her amazing voice, she was accepted to the College of Music. However, 8 months later, she had to drop out of college and begin her self-education due to her loss of the voice.

Did You Know?

She managed to create her own music band. She was touring all around Russia and Middle East to gain her success. In 1957, she was first time rewarded for her talent in Moscow’s Decade of Tatar Art and Literature.

Other interesting facts:

In fact, Alfia was able to sing in 14 different languages with her timbre voice of the full range of Contralto.