Alina Kabaeva

Rhythmic Gymnast

Alina Kabaeva  (Rhythmic Gymnast)
Alina Kabaeva  (Rhythmic Gymnast)
Alina Kabaeva  (Rhythmic Gymnast)
Alina Kabaeva  (Rhythmic Gymnast)

Alina Kabaeva was born on May 12, 1983, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She is a Russian retired rhythmic gymnast, Master of Sports, and politician. In 2007, Alina has become a State Duma deputy for the United Russia party. It’s a known fact that most of the sport professionals start training at a really young age. Alina is not an exception. In fact, she started practicing rhythmic gymnastics at age 3. During her adolescence, Alina moved to Russia where she received most of recognition and her professional success in the field of gymnastics. In October 2004, Kabaeva officially decleared her retirement from the professional sport.

Did You Know?

Alina got rewarded with 5 awards at the European Championships and 2 awards in the World Championships. In Olympic Games 2004, Kabaeva got rewarded with a gold medal for rhythmic gymnastics.

Other interesting facts:

There is a rumour that during Alina’s childhood, some coaches didn’t believe in her success due to her not typical body shape for a rhythmic gymnast. In January 2011, Alina Kabaeva became a cover of Vogue Russia.

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