Angelina Vovk

TV host

Angelina Vovk  (TV host)

Angelina Vovk was born September 16, 1943 in a small town in Irkutsk Oblast. There was a World War II, and there was a military air base where her father served as a fighter pilot. After her father’s death, a family with Angelina left for Moscow. She’s known and popular TV host of the USSR in 1980. Graduated GITIS in 1965, the acting department. Hosted children's programs, "Alarm", "Good night, kids!", "Nanny to the rescue," festival "Song of the Year" - 18 times in 1988-2006 in conjunction with Eugene Menshov. Leading concerts, music festivals. At the present time - a leading channel "Russia 1" in the program "Good Morning, Russia!"

Did You Know?

Leading television and the stage, People's Artist of Russia.

Other interesting facts:

Angelina grew up in the woods, and it must have been something that was not in the surrounding life. She was slender and graceful beauty with long blond (natural) hair and blue-gray eyes.