Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva

Nanny of Alexander Pushkin

Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva  (Nanny of Alexander Pushkin)

Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva (1758 – 1828) was a bondservant and a nanny of a famous Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin. Arina was born in a family of bond-servants. Pushkin was very close with Arina's family and kept his love for her throughout his life. He multiple times mentioned her in his numerous letters and dedicated poems to her. Pushkin confessed that Arina Rodionovna became a prototype for his Tatiana’s nanny from “Evgeny Onegin,” as well as other heroines in his novels.

Did You Know?

After Pushkin clashed with the government, he was exiled to his mother's rural estate in Mikhailovskoe village, Arina Rodionovna spent the entire 2 years by his side. During that time, Arina and Pushkin became especially close.

Other interesting facts:

In 1974, the house where Arina Rodionovna lived became a museum “A Hut of Pushkin’s Nanny.” Plus, the monuments of Arina Rodionovna have been erected in different Russian cities such as Pskov and Boldino in Kaluga region.