Daniella Stoyanovich


Daniella Stoyanovich  (Actress)
Daniella Stoyanovich  (Actress)
Daniella Stoyanovich  (Actress)

Daniella Stoyanovich was born on April 27, 1970 in Nis, Serbia. Daniela is a Russian actress of Serbian origin. She graduated from State University of Arts Belgrade (Institute of Dramatic Art, Department of acting). She worked at the National Theater “Subotica” and Belgrade Drama Theater in Russia. Since 2000, lives in St. Petersburg. Collaborated with the theater “The Foundry", "Formal Theater" Andrew the Mighty. Now the actress can be seen on the stage of "Shelter Comedian"and "Mansion."

Did You Know?

Daniella Stoyanovich starred in more than 10 movies and 4 theater shows.

Other interesting facts:

Daniella decided to try her in the exact sciences and moved into high school math. However, having studied at school for some time, the future actress realized that her school will not really like her, and followed the advice of her father, continued her studies at the secondary school of acting, after graduating, obtaining and general secondary and initial vocational education.