Diana Arbenina


Diana Arbenina  (Singer)
Diana Arbenina  (Singer)
Diana Arbenina  (Singer)

Diana Arbenina was born on July 8, 1974 in Volozhin, Belarus. Diana is a singer, poet and musician. The vocalist of the Russian rock group "Nochniye Sniperi". Diana Arbenina studied in Magadan Pedagogical Institute on the Faculty of Foreign Languages and later in Saint-Petersburg State University. She gave birth to twins: a son Artem and a daughter Martha.

Did You Know?

Diana Arbenina and her band “Nochniye Snayperi” released about 16 albums. In 2005, after attending a rock festival "Phoenix" in Gudermes, Diana Arbenina was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic.

Other interesting facts:

To obtain a residence permit in St. Petersburg she got married with Konstantin Arbenin. Soon divorced, but she kept the last name of her fictitious husband.