Elmira Zherzdeva


Elmira Zherzdeva  (Singer)
Elmira Zherzdeva  (Singer)
Elmira Zherzdeva  (Singer)

Elmira Zherzdeva - Born on March 6, 1936, inBolokhovo, the USSR), is a Soviet singer. After finishing School, Zherzdeva has entered the music academy in the Moscow Conservatory. In 1958, she worked at an opera choir on the Vse Soyuznovo Radio (All Soviet Radio), and then in the philharmonic department Mosconcert as a vocalist. In 1962 she started to work the in variety department of Mosconcert. She started to gain fame for singing old romance classics throughout the country.

Did You Know?

She was awarded as a Meritorious Artist.

Other interesting facts:

Her one and only notable animated roles include of the role of the princess in The Bremen Town Musicians and On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians.