Juliana Karaulova


Juliana Karaulova  (Singer)
Juliana Karaulova  (Singer)
Juliana Karaulova  (Singer)

Juliana Karaulova was born on April 24, 1988. Julianna started singing at age 6, and has been training professional singing for four years. Julianna had been a soloist with the group "YES". have already recorded a few songs. In late 2002, the magazine "Yes" chose Julian and another girl as the competition winners, the Person of 2003. Juliana had the opportunity to become a model for the cover of the magazine "Yes". Juliana studies at the Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture in the music department. Her music idols are Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Sting, Everything But The Girl.

Did You Know?

She was a participant on Season 5 Star Factory talent show.

Other interesting facts:

Juliana Karaulova became a new lead singer of popular band 5ivesta Family to replace the previous lead singer who left the group due to financial disagreements.