Liliana Lungina

Linguist and Interpreter

Liliana Lungina (Linguist and Interpreter)

Liliana Lungina (June 16 1920 – January 13 1998) was born in Smolenks, Russia. She spent her childhood in Germany, Palestine, France. In 1934 she moved back to USSR and entered the prestigious and famous Moscow State University. She finished doctorate program and was teaching French and German. She started to work as a translator with translating Astrid Lindgred’s children book about Carlson from Swedish to Russian. The author herself praised Lililana for the job she’d done and admitted that in bog part due to her efforts Carlson’s story became so popular and loved in Russia. Liliana was married and had 2 children, both sons became film scriptwriters and directors.

Did You Know?

Liliana Lungina was translating books from French, German and Swedish into Russian. In 2009 a 15 serires film based on her lifestory was released.

Other interesting facts:

Liliana Lungina reported that after she graduated from University she was looking for a job as an interpreter to and from French and German which she spoke fluently, but was not hired anywhere because she was Jewish. This was what pushed her to learn Swedish to become more competitive on the job market.