Lilit Mazikina


Lilit Mazikina (Journalist)
Lilit Mazikina (Journalist)
Lilit Mazikina (Journalist)

Lilit Mazikina (born in 1983) is one of the most famous Gypsy journalists, who is actively promoting Gypsy culture on the internet. She wrote articles for “National Geographic Russia” and “GEO Russia”, along with many other publications in online resources. The most popular of all her writing jobs is her blog which is regularly updated and the new information is added.

Did You Know?

Lilit has been cooperating with well known people and publishers, including the web-journal about Gypsy called “Swenko”.

Other interesting facts:

Lilit has is blonde and has blue eyes, which often confuses people as they expect a dark-haired gypsy lady.