Marina Tsvetaeva


Marina Tsvetaeva  (Poet)
Marina Tsvetaeva  (Poet)
Marina Tsvetaeva  (Poet)

Marina Tsvetaeva (September 26 1892 – August 31 1941) was born in Moscow to very intelligent and literate people. Her mother is Polish-German ancestry. Marina began writing poems when she was 6, not only in Russian, but also in French and German languages. When her mother fell ill Marina had to live in different countries, such as Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Her mother soon passed away and Marina decided to move to Paris at age 16 to take courses in Sarbonna. In 1910 she published her first collection of poems. She married Sergey Efron in 1911 and gave birth to a daughter a year later. At the beginning of Civil War in 1917 Marina gave birth to her second daughter but the girl died of starvation in the orphanage when she was 3. She then emigrated to Germany, then Prague and finally to Paris where she gave birth to a son, George. The family returned to Russia many years later and her husband and daughter were arrested for espionage later Sergey was shot. Tsvetaeva and her son were evacuated to Yelabuga, she had no money to sustain and even applied for a job as a dishwasher. On August 31 1941 Marina Tsvetaeva left 3 notes and hanged herself.

Did You Know?

For her life Marina Tsvetaeva published 13 collections of poems, wrote 31 novels and translated works of Federico Garcia Lorca.

Other interesting facts:

For two years Marina Tsvetaeva was in a relationship with a woman Sofia Parnok and dedicated her cycle of poems called “Friend”. Marina Tsvetaeva’s death was rumored not to be a suicides by her will, rather the NKVD forced her into doing it.