Rimma Markova


Rimma Markova  (Actress)
Rimma Markova  (Actress)
Rimma Markova  (Actress)

Rimma Vasilievna Markova (born March 3, 1925) is a popular Soviet and Russian actress. During her childhood, 1931–1934, Rimma Markova played minor roles in Saratov Dramatic Theatre, where her father, Markov V.D., was working. In 1945–1947, Rimma Markova studied at Vologda Dramatic Theatre with her brother Leonid Markov.

Did You Know?

Rimma Markova is a Distinguished Artist of Russia (1993) and a nominee for various awards.

Other interesting facts:

Rimma Markova is often compared and mistaken for her friend and another great actress Nonna Mordukova.