Uzbek Poetess

Zulphia  (Uzbek Poetess)

Zulphia Israilova (14 March 1915 – 1996) is Uzbek Soviet poetess, published her poems under the name of Zulfiya. Zulfiya parents were people of high culture. So her mother, who knew a lot of folk songs and legends, telling them to their children. Zulfia released her first poetry collection called “Pages of Life” at age 17. Later she worked in various publishing houses, is a member of national and inter-republican organizations. In her poems Zulfia praised her people and traditions, as well as her mother.

Did You Know?

In 1984 she was awarded the title "Hero of Socialist Labor”. She was also a laureate of USSR State Prize.

Other interesting facts:

In 2004 in Uzbekistan has been established the State Prize of Zulfiya, which is awarded for achievements in literature, art, science, culture and education of gifted young women aged 14 to 22 years annually on the eve of International Women's Day March 8. To date, the number of winners Zulfiya to 98 people. Prize named "Zulfiya" was established in 1999. Prize awarded to especially gifted girls under the age of 25 years from March 1, 2000.