Алекса́ндра: Greek origin which means "Defender" or "Protector of people"


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Aleksandra is calm and often serious-minded lady. When faced with tough decisions, she has a tendency to think before acting. Having a thirst for knowledge, she is very intelligent and smart. With a studious disposition, she is a remarkable intellectual and talented communicator.


Aleksandra has a deep appreciation for art, music, reading, dance, and theatre. Poetic traits in Aleksandra are fully inspired by the beauty of the nature. Aleksandra has a tendency to be good dancer and vigorous with her fitness routine. Usually, an intellectual par of Aleksandra is in a strong combination with curiosity and scientific traits. Most beautiful Russian women with the name Aleksandra enjoy travelling, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.

Career Choices

Aleksandra is very determined with her career. You will often find a woman with the name Aleksandra in careers ranging from Business Manager, Economist, to IT Specialist. Other popular career choices are Secretary and Pharmacist.

Ideal Man

Aleksandra in attracted to men who are kind, gentle, intelligent, educated, family-oriented, who are able mentally incite their women.









Did You Know?
Popular name variations:

Sasha, Sanya, Shura, Aleksa, Leka, Alexandra

Other affectionate nicknames:


If you want to be phonetically correct and pronounce her name as her friends and family do in her country, call her Ah lehk sahn dra.

Go the extra mile and call your beautiful Russian lady by her affectionate name, Sashenka, and show just how fond of her you truly are.

Famous Russian Aleksandras

Aleksandra von Engelhardt Lady in Waiting

Alexandra Feodorovna Wife of Nicholas II of Russia

Alexandra Georgievna Grand Duchess Of Russia

Alexandra Kollontai Writer and Politician

Alexandra Marinina Writer

Alexandra Tolstaya Daughter of Leo Tolstoy

Sasha Gradiva Singer